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[SALE] Myra Butterfly Ladies Wedges (Navy Blue)

SGD 34.90SGD 10.00


This product is born of a partnership between ITE College Central's School of Design & Media and Ripples. Through this partnership , students gain first hand experience in designing products which goes into the retail scene

Fall in love with the bright and cheery designs and colours on Ripples flip flops!

Wedge Height: 5.5cm

  • Comfortable PU/Fabric strap
  • Ripples Pin
  • Standard cut footbase
  • Ripples EVA cushion and durable footbase
  • Graphic print
  • Ripples durable textured slip resistant sole
Colour: Navy Blue

Size Guide

Size 6: 23.7cm
Size 7: 24.7cm
Size 8: 25.7cm
Size 9: 26.7cm