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Belle Strappy Sandals (Navy Blue)

SGD 34.90


  • Strappy sandal style
  • Synthetic leather with Ripples EVA cushion inner
  • Rust resistant coated buckle and hook
  • Ripples Slim Cut footbase
  • Embossed gold Ripples logo on footbase
  • Ripples EVA cushion and durable footbase
  • Ripples durable textured slip resistant sole
Colour: Navy Blue
This product is also available in Turquoise, Peach.

Size Guide

Size 6: 23.7cm
Size 7: 24.7cm
Size 8: 25.7cm
Size 9: 26.7cm

Soft and luxe footbed, comfy cushioned sole and enhanced slip resistant base

Strap Material: Synthetic Leather