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Floral Embroidery Slide'N'Style T-Bar Sandals (Spring Blue)

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Get a pair of Ripples Slide'N'Style Sandals and change your sandal style every day by swapping the sleeve with our new range of Slide'N'Style accessories. Simply, slide out, slide in and slide back. Changing sandal styles just gotten a lot easier with Ripples Slide'N'Style collection! Step out with Ripples!

Step 1: Slide out buckle strap

Step 2: Slide in desired Slide'N'Style sandal sleeve

Step 3: Slide back buckle strap

  • Synthetic leather cover with Ripples EVA cushion inner
  • Rust resistant coated buckle and hook
  • Slim cut footbase with synthetic leather
  • Embossed gold Ripples logo on footbase
  • Ripples EVA cushion and durable footbase
  • Ripples durable textured slip resistant sole

Colour: Spring Blue
This product is also available in Blossom Pink, Midnight Garden, Sweet Garden.

Size Guide

Size 6: 23.7cm
Size 7: 24.7cm
Size 8: 25.7cm
Size 9: 26.7cm

Soft and luxe footbed, comfy cushioned sole and enhanced slip resistant base

Strap Material: Embroidery on Synthetic Leather + Fabric Mix